How Do I Love Thee?

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Todays’s post consists of a couple of simple questions.

1)  How do you show your kids you love them?

2)  How do you show your kids how much you appreciate them?

3)  Do you kids ever show their appreciation for you? How do they do it?

Happy Valentine’s day!

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2 thoughts on “How Do I Love Thee?

  1. Love is in the air… and not just becuase it is San Valentin, yet it is in every day, in every thing we do. That’s how I understand what my mother does all, even the little things in which she makes her best. Other wise, how would you explain that she wakes up early to tidy up our home. Then, checking what’s going to be for lunch and dinner, and after tha,t packing the “doggiebag” for her daughters. And if it is not enough, she also is a good listener, souls’ doctor, first aider or nurse, seamstress, teacher and pupil, babys’ translater, manager and secretary, enterpreneur and the best mom ever!

    Moms come with the chip to improve themselves day after day with the only purpose of love. Probably that’s my mom’s way to demonstrate her vocation for life and children.

    BTW: happy Valentine’s day too.
    (Feliz Cumpleaños Mamita Preciosa).

    • Your mum would be glad to know you appreciate her that much, and you really appreciate what she does. Make sure on this very special day you tell her and give her our best.

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